Educators And Immigration

Leadership Institute for Borderlands Research and Education (LIBRE)

Edgewood College’s LIBRE program engages undergraduate students in action research projects to learn more about immigration, the U.S./Mexico border, and various supportive organizations. 


In the context of the Dominican values that guide our college and help frame our curriculum, we consider immigration to be a central issue of our time. Edgewood College has a long relationship with partners in Arizona working around immigration issues. In January of 2017, the School of Education led the first LIBRE trip to Arizona – conceived of as a week of community-engaged scholarship aimed at developing qualities of leadership, scholarship and service in the students. This third phase continues the existing ties we have with Arizona, and deepens the research expectations for our students. In close collaboration with the undergraduate research program, we have planned a weeklong trip to Arizona during Edgewood’s spring break. We will be documenting stories of immigration, using testimonio as a theoretical framework, with action research as our guiding methodology. 

The U.S./Mexico Border Wall

About 580 miles of physical barrier exist along the nearly 2,000-mile border that goes from San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas.

Churches and The Sanctuary Movement

The LIBRE trip offered us the opportunity to explore the work that the Southside Presbyterian Church had done in terms of sanctuary.

Tohono O'odham Nation and the Border Patrol Agents

Our group was able to meet with Ofelia Rivas from Tohono O’odham Nation to learn about how the border patrol policies have impacted their community.

Operation Streamline and The Criminalization of Immigrants

Part of the LIBRE trip included attending Operation Streamline sessions at the Federal Courthouse in Tucson, Arizona.

Immigration Law and Policy

Our group met with various organizations who support immigrants with legal cases.

DACAmented College Students

DACAmented college students across the United States are impacted by various in-state tuition policies.

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