Educators And Immigration

U.S./Mexico Border Trip

Edgewood College’s Division of Mission, Values, and Inclusion (MVI) and Division of Education collaborated with the HOPE Border Institute to have Edgewood College students visit El Paso, TX to learn more about immigration. 

Hope Border Institute

“The Hope Border Institute (HOPE) brings the perspective of Catholic social teaching to bear on the realities unique to our US-Mexico border region. Through a robust program of research and policy work, leadership development and action, we work to build justice and deepen solidarity across the borderlands.”

Laura's Reflection

Laura Hermann is the Director of Campus Ministries with the Division of Mission, Values, and Inclusion (MVI) at Edgewood College.  In her blogpost, she reflects about the border trip.  

Group Video Reflection

After returning from the border trip, students reflected on their learning. The video also has reflections from two Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa on the topic of immigration.  

Mary's Video Production

Mary was a first-year student at Edgewood College who participated in the border trip. She filmed, edited, and produced this video as a reflection for her film class.

Shay's Reflection "Experiences of US-Mexico Border"

Shay was a senior student who participated in the border trip. She wrote this reflection about her experience on the trip. 

Contemplative Study: A Dominican Approach to Reflection

“Contemplate and give others the fruit of our contemplation.” We used this handout to reflect on our values of Truth, Community, Justice, Compassion, and Partnership. 

"Developing Action Research Projects for Latinx Students in a Predominantly White Institution"

Dr. Gerardo Mancilla and Dr. Donna Vukelich-Selva wrote a book chapter on the Leadership Institute for Borderlands Research and Education (LIBRE). 

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