Educators And Immigration

Churches and the Sanctuary Movement

Migrant Shrine at the Southside Presbyterian Church

The group was interested in learning about ways to support undocumented and DACAmented students. One possible way to protect immigrants is through sanctuary. Our institution and city were both exploring policies and possibilities of being involved in the re-emerging sanctuary movement. The LIBRE trip offered us the opportunity to explore the work that the Southside Presbyterian Church and their pastor the Reverent Alison J. Harrington had done in terms of sanctuary. During the 1980s, Southside Presbyterian provided aid and temporary shelter to more than 13,000 Central Americans fleeing war, death squads, and torture.[i] The faculty that went on the 2014 trip also witnessed the impact that this church was having in proving sanctuary for a people who had deportation orders. The faculty members met Rosa who was in sanctuary for 461 days.[ii] The students in the 2017 and 2019 Trip spoke with the Reverent Alison and learned about this movement.


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